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Improving Home Security While You Are Away

It is highly important that you consider various methods to protect your house whenever you are away such as when going to work or flying abroad. It is always better to be safe than sorry and you can take into account the following factors to keep your house secure from any burglaries.

Lock doors and windows

This is the most basic step when protecting to your valuable household items. Install durable locks to all the doors and windows in each part of the house which helps you to ensure that it is less susceptible for thieves to break. The keys of all these doors should be stored at a secure place it is always better to carry them around with you. In addition, make sure to lock the doors of the cats and dogs if you have any.

Install the right equipment

At present, there are many technological devices that serve a valuable service in protecting houses or other buildings from burglary. Consider having security or CCTV cameras around your house which gives you the opportunity to monitor it from anywhere around the world. Apart from this, you can also purchase an Aiphone intercom if you are leaving any of your children or loved ones at home while you away where you can communicate directly during an emergency.

Inform the neighbors

It is always better to inform your neighbors, especially if you are going away on a long trip for lengthy period of time. In this manner, they would also be alert with regard to the surrounding of your house and they can keep an eye to determine that your home is safe from any theft. You can also use an Aiphone intercom system to communicate with your neighbors in order to keep yourself updated.

Consider getting a dog

If you do not have a dog, getting one is a great way of protecting your house as they are highly sensitive towards any burglary. At times, just one bark can help keep thieves away. However, ensure that you have someone to take care of the dog such as feeding him while you are away. You can also have warning signs outside your gate such as ‘’beware of dogs’ to make other people aware of it.

Therefore, it is worthy to consider each of these steps carefully in order to safeguard the house that you live in. This will provide you with a peace of mind knowing that you family and loved ones are safe and happy at all times.